1. Why Liveco is a sustainable product?
Sustainable products are one of the methods to reduce the carbon emission to the environment. Liveco focuses on reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the water content in the product making it a concentrate so that we eventually reduce the fuel consumption by weight during the goods transportation. Not only that, the ingredients in Liveco products are fully biodegradable and it does not leave any harmful trace to the environment.
2. Does Liveco hand soap kill germs right away?
Yes, but you must wash your hands with Liveco hand soap with minimum of 20 seconds for the hand soap to kill the germs immediately.
3. Is it harmful to eat with hands right after using hand soap?
No. Liveco hand soap contains strong surfactant where it does not leave any residue after washing and you can enjoy your meal without any worries.
4. How long does floor cleaner last?
Since our floor cleaner is concentrated, it can last more than 12 months depends on the monthly usage of the product.
5. What type of quality assurance are there?
All Liveco products were manufactured in a CGMP and HCCP certified laboratories with high quality control standards.
6. How Liveco is better than other products in the market?
Most of the Liveco products are concentrated products with makes the products different from other products available in the market. Most of the products available in the markets contains high content of water than the surfactant (cleaning solution) itself, and Liveco focuses to give value to the customer by providing high content of surfactant than water which eventually has higher cleaning power compared to other cleaning product.
7. Can I spray Liveco mosquito repellent straight to skin or around my clothes?
Yes. Liveco mosquito repellent is a DEET-free insect repellent that uses active ingredients from scientifically proven natural products with is safe to use it on skin and on clothes.
8. Does the Liveco mosquito repellent causes dehydration to the skin?
No. Liveco mosquito repellent contains virgin coconut oil which has antibacterial properties, and work as a moisturizer to the skin and keep the skin hydrated.
9. How long does the mosquito repellent lasts for one time use on skin?
Liveco mosquito repellent has high long-lasting effect which can last from 30 minutes to 1 hours depending on the activity for one time use on skin.
10. Does Liveco floor cleaner, cleans stubborn stains?
Yes, Liveco floor cleaner is 3x effective product to wash an entire load of dishes and stubborn stains with just one pumps.
11. Does Liveco dish wash is safe for skin while doing dishes?
Yes, Liveco dish wash is effectively remove grease and dirt on oily surface, yet gentle on your hands.
12. What does characteristic in Liveco natural mosquitos repellent?
The characteristics Liveco natural mosquitos repellent had is virgin coconut oil which had many benefits to skin. Not only virgin coconut oils has moisturising effect, it is also help wounds healing.
13. Does Liveco hand soap has a scent?
Yes, Liveco hand soap had a mild fragrance formulation that deeply clean your hands with rich foaming leaving your hand refreshed and pleasantly scented.